Friday, July 29, 2016

Day 18 (July 29th - We're Pretty Much 1/2 Way There)

Morning Meetings:
  • Eastman House Summary
    • Good: Very knowledgeable guides, good lunch, great bus (there was way more room than we needed)
    • What should be done for next time: More time to explore other exhibits in the house, have the guide from the archive show us more of his work and not just explain it.
    • I was really happy to go to the Eastman House for a second time. I went there once before with my Photography 2 class and had the chance to look at the exhibits showing at that time as well as the rest of the museum areas. We did not have a chance to go see the archives however.
    • The archive area that we interns were given a tour of was pretty interesting. There is a lot of tech and chemistry involved to repair damaged artworks. I kept thinking of Oxford's really expensive camera that they had bought to image their library's ancient documents and how it could possibly help with the Eastman House's picture and artwork restoration. Oxford's camera is extremely expensive though, so I don't think that buying one and using it would be very practical.
  • slow and steady. I have been running mostly Classifications, PCA and SAM on my image chips for the past few days. I will eventually re-run everything of mine through ACE, and MF to pull more stuff out. I really should also get some practice in with using Di's mask code and Anna's Blur and Divide spatial method. I will get to those eventually.
  • Madi left early for a family trip (like, right after lunch). I think I can manage without her, maybe... (Come back soon!!!!)
  •  None of us interns can believe that we are half-way through our internship; our time together to laugh, play and work. I started to feel that sensation of "The End" today. Everyone comes up to work in the Reading Room by now for at least a few hours a day.

*************Emily: Rio Olympics this year: The Russians, Zika and Katy Perry. Good Lord! (This is just a summary of what she said and how she feels. Feel free to tell me to take this bullet out or edit it, Emily).************************

  • Cookout day. I met Aaron (RIT honors incoming freshman) and James (Byron Bergen Junior in the fall). They both work with coding. Aaron has been working with Biotechnology on DNA strands. He has already completed around twenty. James is really interested in Computer game management and design, although Byron Bergen does not have a strong technology program. I wish them both all of the best.
  • We interns played some volleyball and Frisbee. I ended up joining some of the grad students in their Frisbee game/ toss. The intern Frisbee was way too light for me to throw and I can't throw Frisbees well under trees.
*********** I think almost everyone has stopped working by 3:00 and is now taking a break by playing different, old platform games. YES!!!! In their defense, everyone has been staring at some shape or form of code for the past week. We needed a break from work. *******************8

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