Thursday, July 21, 2016

Day 11 (July 20 MRI Interns Talk Banned Color Pigment Materials)

This morning started out with the intern morning meeting introducing the lunch speaker Mr. Kanan's, our field trip to the Eastman House next Thursday (the original plan of going to an observatory was canceled), and we discussed who would bring what Lunch Friday. The morning meeting with Mr. Messinger will stop in periodically to see what we have found. He's not as busy today.

Morning Work: Listening to CC and Zihao talk of how and where to get color pigment samples (Paris Green, etc.) I finished running SAM on MapEast image 2. Worked and finished all programs on MapEast image 3 (sea) (Located below images 1 and 2)

Lunch and Lecture: Mr. Christopher Kanan's labwork (Machine Learning and Visual Recognition)

Afternoon work: walk-around, running RGB on different program runs of image 3 to make out scribbles/writing. Created chips 4-8. Presented work to Mr. Messenger.

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