Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Day 15 (July 26 Let's Try Blur and Divide)

Morning Intern Meeting:
  • Same events as yesterday
  • Updates on everyone's progress:
    • Mr. Pow: getting ready for incoming freshman with Bob and preparing the CIS annual report
    • Nathan, Alice and Maria: finished going over interns' recorded data from eye tracker experiment
    • Emily: something about RZ Pisces and BC Pisces, calibration changes and R,I and G Bands, for now whe's back to reading about Jet Stream identification
    • Nick: turning black and white images to color, working on the Model format of the game (game functions not controlled by player)
    • Madi and I: Learned more Spectral programs, just learned some Blur and Divide for spatial programming, still working on the Gough Map, maybe will get working on the Codex
    • Zihao: asked to borrow material samples from a library, took around 200 samples through low spectrum
  • Outlines of our final slide show due this Friday on blog (it will be subject to change later.)
       Debate over Pokemon movies and who ate the Boston Cream doughnut. (Thanks again Bob for the donuts!)

        Continue to process chip files from the Gough Map while having occasional conversations. I could not get the Blur and Divide programs to work so I'll have to ask Ana for help later. I ran SAM and PCA on image 4 and Classifications, SAM and PCA on image 5. Image 5 did not have any interesting hidden features. It did give me a headache though.

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