Friday, July 15, 2016

Day 8 (power point vs. libre office)

Our morning began with talk of the "Bring a Friend Day" for later on in the internship. This would give us a chance to show our research and results to them and stimulate their interest in science.

The majority of Madi and my work time was taken up putting the remainder of my images onto our power point presentation for Mr. Messinger to look through and incorporate into the power point compilation to be sent to David and Nick at Oxford. (My images from days 5-7, PCA w/masks and SAM results) We all have a little idea of what they want to analyze, so fingers crossed. Madi and my PCA and SAM results have given the better results. We also figured out how to put a picture of the overall Gough Map onto the slide show to indicate where each of our chips were. (Whoever invented screenshot is a lifesaver, at times.) We compiled a total of 100 slides (way more than for my APUSH Debate this year ; P)

(Madi and I are still enemies of the copycat LibreOffice on the computers we use. We still prefer good old Microsoft Powerpoint.)

The Neapolitan ice cream was a hit during lunch. It had kind of melted while in the cooler outside though. There's a little left over that will be left in 2nd floor break room for anyone who wants it. Someone else should be in charge of bringing the ice cream next week. The lunch today was fun again, although a bit windy with some rain and thunder for the first half-hour.

Chip 10 (Vanilla colored)

Chip 10 (Cookies 'n Cream color )

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