Friday, July 22, 2016

Day 13 (July 22, Lights, Music, Chicken)

Our morning intern meeting topics:
  • Weather for the cookout (hot, maybe rain?)
  • Library Lecture/presentation about RIT online databases on August 3rd
  • End Presentation tips and works:
    • peer review of run through
    • think about the title now
    • be sure to acknowledge the sponsors and corporations who are funding your research groups
    • invites won't be sent until next week (invite guests, family, friends and counselors?)
  • Finding Undergrads for Imaging Science
 Mr. Messenger reviewed how to make spectral profiles of pixel colors and explained the Radiometry process and equation used to Madi and I. My Y-value numbers ended up being not quite right because I made my chips from file copy named "raw" of the Gough Map section while I should have been using the file called "data". I had no idea how the two files were different until he explained it to us. The the "raw" file had the overall observable light intensity while the "data" file is a documented "part" of the overall observable light intensity. I had been using the "raw" file for my chips which turns out to be alright for the ENVI programs, but not for spectral profiling.

These two graphs contain different spectrum data samples, but the y-axes are different.

"raw" pixel spectrum (above)

"data" pixel spectrum (above)

Mr. Messenger also helped Emily figure out a problem with the images she is processing of the night sky. What I heard of that conversation was that there was a piece of thread on the the telescope lens when the pictures were taken, but it only appears in some of the images. He introduced Emily to a pixel-sample process to try (I don't remember any specifics). I like the idea that the same process ideas can be used on both the macro and micro images.

Cecilia (aka CiCi), Emily, Madi and I headed over to the Interfaith Center with REU student  John to help him collect data for his music research algorithm. We H.S. interns took turns playing the piano (in the Interfaith Center) and the violin (CC and I brought ours) while John collected sound recordings and data on his computer to process later. This included playing the violin and piano at the same tempo both together and individually, and recording a duet between Madi (piano) and CC (violin) playing the Swallowtail Jig. (I happened to find it among the music papers stored in my violin case. It was fun to listen to!) It turned out that I was the only person who knew how to tune the violin strings by ear (without the help of fine tuners). Emily had a way better sense of when the individual strings were in tune though. Each of us H.S. interns were given a chicken drum-stick during the lunch cook-out in return. They took a while to cook, but they were delicious! (Thank you again John!!!)

Mr. Messinger had time today to read over the Gough Map article that Di gave Madi and I last week and revised his thinking of how to go at cleaning up the Gough Map. By the rate of our work, I think all of us can get through most of the Gough Map while Madi and I are around.

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