Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Day 1

Joe Pow and Bob Cullen started this first day with a tour of the Chester A. Carlson Imaging Center. All of the interns and I were then led to a red barn on campus to do some fun teamwork-building activities for the rest of the morning. All of the activities were very thought provoking and fun to figure out. The temperature quickly rose from comfortable to just-bearable faster than I thought, but it did not take away from the team-building, in my opinion.

After lunch (provided by Mr. Pow and Mr. Cullen, thank you for this!) Madi Loui and I were introduced to our advisor for Document Restoration, David Messinger. He and his grad student Di re-introduced Madi and I to their current project works: the Gough Map (of England) and the Archimedes Palimpsest. Mr. Messinger told us of his trip to Oxford and the overwhelming positive response he received to the results of his research on the Gouge Map. (What he was saying brought back many pleasant memories of sophomore year world history classes; in which we analyzed the significance of different historical documents that survived through the unforgiving dimensions of time and space.) Di then introduced Madi and I to the general works of the wonder-program that all of us would be using: ENVI. After getting over the fear my possible failure to use its programs, Madi and I quickly absorbed Di's instructions on how to use ENVI. The computer program appears to me like a cousin of Photoshop but requires more manual control of its tools, and more patience and practice to efficiently using it.

I love the idea that Madi and I will be able to help Mr. Messinger and Di with their research in this area of imaging science. I can't wait to practice more tomorrow!

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