Thursday, July 14, 2016

Day 6 (SAM and Madi Describes "The Secret History")

We interns started our day planning who would bring what for our weekly Friday picnic. I volunteered to bring the ice cream this time. I couldn't remember if the ice cream name was pronounced as tripolitan or neapolitan. I figured it out later.

Mr. Messinger taught Madi and I the process and ideas behind SAM the program. It stands for Spectral Angle Mapper and it functions to search for pixel similarity to a reference point. All of Madi and my work for today was running the SAM program on the data chips given us on day one. For some reason though, the top 1/4 of all of our processed chips were cut off from the SAM processing and appeared as a black strip at the top of the viewing page. Mr. Messinger could not figure out exactly what Madi or I did to have a part of the image cut out. For most of the afternoon, Madi and I put together a power point of our best saved image results.

(After SAM and correct orientation)

Madi attempted to give a detailed summary about the book "The Secret History" before lunch. This took about an hour with interruptions and questions which included confusion about who died in the book and which characters played what parts in the plot. After this we had lunch and attended a talk about Eye Movement and Illusion of Continuity by Jeff B. Pelz. He talked about "optical illusion" (which is realy neural illusion), The Foveal Compromise, coping systems (Dual Retina and Eye Movement System), and the uses of an eye tracker camera in his area of work. This gave us interns an inside look of what the Visual Perception lab work was. The interns working in the lab could not disclose information to us about our work because the other H.S. interns will be test subjects for their experiment.

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