Monday, July 25, 2016

Day 14 (July 25 The Sky Finally Opens)

Almost everyone got caught in the 8:10 - 9:00 AM morning downpour.

Morning intern meeting announcements:
  • This Week's events
    • Wednesday Lunch Talk
    • Thursday Field trip to Eastman house (leave by 9:30)
    • Friday Cook Out (please no rain or blazing heat)
  • Next Week:
    • Aug. 2 RIT +1
    • Aug. 3 Library Talk
    • Aug. 5 REU Presentations (open to the public)
Morning adviser meeting:
  •  Spectral Matched Filter (MF) - finds center of data by applying a perpendicular vector to the vector connecting a pixel's coordinates to it origin. (higher number = pixel spectrums are more similar to target pixel)
  • Adaptive Coherence/Cosine Estimator (ACE) - combo of MF and a cone (attached to the perpendicular vector)
  • SAM - (lower number = pixel spectrums are more similar)

Madi, Di, Mr. Messenger and I visited Anna's lab in the lower level of the CIS building. She uses Spatial ENVI programs to enhance and better contrast old (Blur and Define), faded texts unlike Di, who uses Spectral ENVI programs and a MATLab computer code to get a similar result. Spatial processing is different from Spectral processing in that one involves creating contrast based on a pixel's color spectrum while the other involves creating contrast based on a pixel's brightness. (Greater contrast sharpens the image details to be less blurry).

Madi and I have been receiving a lot of crash courses in learning the ENVI programs and what those programs do. Most of the mathematical details were not explained to us or have flown over Madi and my heads (due to their high level of difficulty) along with some detailed concepts so I'm not confident in giving a good description of how everything works.

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