Thursday, July 21, 2016

Day 12 (July 21 We All Laugh)

Our day started off with the question "What happened at your school this year?" The most common topics that were brought up were: pulled fire alarms, senior pranks, school lunches and complaints about high school teachers. Madi and my morning meeting with Mr. Messinger involved growing interest in the seemingly unchangeable ocean area in the Gough Map section that I had been working on the last two days. I had found small bits of text that had faded into what looked like brown splotches. Both yesterday and today I can not recall all of my findings, but the images I saved have helped me recall some of them.I tried showing Di later this morning and he was interested as well.

Most of the work day for Madi and I was reworking and posting the chips we had already created. I have been submitting my images into the shared google power point and Madi has been working on running other programs on the chips she processed the last two days. She had already submitted the chips she had worked on thus far. I tagged Di into Madi and my joint presentation so if he sees anything or wants to look at our work, it should be there.

Mr. Messenger had to leave a couple of hours early today, but Madi and I are hard workers while he is gone. All of the interns had lunch at the Student Union. (We all experienced waves of contagious, uncontrollable laughter for both hilarious and stupid reasons.) then Madi and I worked our way across campus to find the place to register another parking permit for my dad's car. (The one that I should be driving by now. It's one thing to drive remote control vehicles. It's another to actually be in the vehicle while driving.)

My Created Chips for This Week

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