Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Day 5 MatLab and Coding Implementation

Di introduced his code on MatLab to Madi and me.

His code is designed to block pixels on an image. In the context of our work, the prominent red and green inks on the Gough Map would be blocked out of the image clips that Madi and I work on. Blocking the red and green inks would allow the PCA program to run a better data analysis on the more subtle and less prominent areas of ink.

Di's code then converts the final image into a file that the ENVI program can read and the PCA program and enhancement tools can be run on the processed image.

The orientation of the image was originally given to Madi and me rotated. After running PCA and Di's code, the images are flipped and rotated again. If you track the areas that look shadowed or smudged on the original image onto the enhanced images, some cursive-like writing can be made out. The bottom two images are my best enhanced images today.

(According Mr. Messinger, images of our results are alright to be added to the blogs. The raw codes are not.)

Original Image

After Di's Code/ After running the PCA program

After PCA Enhancement (black and white) 

After PCA in RGB
(blue ink writing was originally barely visible)

In other news:

  • The fire alarm went off unexpectedly around 11:00 and resulted in a visit from the Henrietta Police Dept. and some of the security guards on campus. (Thanks for coming!) This brought up my question of: Where should the interns gather outside in an emergency like this?
  • A presentation was given between 4:00 (16:00)and 5:00 (17:00). Madi and I could not attend sadley.

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