Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Day 16 (July 27 Don't forget the Outlines!)

Morning Intern Meeting:
  • We don't know who will be presenting today
  • Field trip tomorrow
  • Outline and Cookout on Friday
    • For Outline: Keep it Simple
  • RIT +1 (Tuesday) 
  • Ithaca Teganic Park water level at all time low
  • Code Academy
  • Movie Night
Morning Meeting with Mr. Messenger:
  • See "Outline for July 29 (web readable)"
Lunch Talk:
  • Perform Lab: Why Eyes Do Eyes look where they do? (I wrote 3 pages of notes.)  
  • What in the image drew a person's attnention?
    • Giving tasks matter! (different question phrasing leads to different results/focus areas)
    • Humans are subject to motor delays
    • Ball catching simulation game with Motion Capture (virtual reality headset)
    • Testing eye Fixation, Saccade and Pursuit
  • Typed up outline
  • continued working on image 6 (not much was found)

  • worked through image 7

  • Anna kindly reviewed the Blur and Divide process with Madi and me before lunch. Madi helped me again with it after lunch and now I know that I should not try processing more than one band image at a time.
  • Brain officially overloaded for the 5th workday in a row.

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