Thursday, July 14, 2016

Day 7 (Rerunning SAM)

We all started our morning meeting with donuts (Thanks Bob!) and going over what to put in our first abstracts for our final presentations (due tomorrow). By what everyone has been saying, a lot of people in the same research groups will have the same abstracts since their work are pretty much the same, except for Emily and Niels in Astrological Imaging. Niels has been working on coding and program creation for the group. Emily, meanwhile, will probably be doing data reduction and photometry. This would be after she has finished reading all of the manuals and textbooks necessary to fully understand her work (which is still ongoing since we all first started our work).

The entire morning was made up of re-running all of our images from yesterday (Madi chips 1-5 and me chips 6-10) through SAM (see Day 6) and coming out with full processed images. It took me the first ten minutes or so to figure out how I was still getting the band of black on the top of the image (which I still don't understand) but gave up and began running a more manual-like version of SAM on ENVI called SAM Target Finder with BandMax. That worked but I still felt like I am falling behind Madi in processing speed. I then realized that she was running less pixel sample trials than I was.

Original (infamous) Chip 10
(The red wall is Hadrian's Wall. To the left is Scotland and to the right is England)

SAM Chip 10 red pixel sample (with enhancement) from yesterday

SAM Chip 10 red pixel (with enhancement) from today

(These images look better on the ENVI viewing pages)

We all gathered around 11:45 to head to Global Village for lunch for a nice break. (We missed the lunch-rush by about 15 minutes.) It was nice to feel a breeze and the sun since all of us are somewhat cooped-up in our work areas (but by no means bored).

The afternoon was mostly finishing up the SAM reruns and typing up a draft of our abstract. All of us interns have been putting in a lot of time with our research groups and we have been discussing a little of what each of us have been putting in our blogs (since we can all see each others from the website , now an operational shortcut). Since Madi finished her portion of the power point early and her work, she went looking through previous interns' pages. She noticed that during previous years' internships, there was a "Bring Your Friend Day" and a "Biking Day". I'm really wondering if we will be able to do these this year since I like this idea.

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