Thursday, July 28, 2016

Day 17 (July 28 The Eastman House)

Everyone came in around 9:15 this morning instead of the usual 8:45. All of us high school interns, one RU student, Mr. Pow and Mr. Callens went to the Eastman house for a tour of one of their exhibits and a tour of their picture restoration area (in the guarded archives). Memories of my previous visit there with my Photography 2 class continued to flood back during the tour. Once we got to the archives though, I was out of familiar waters. Our tour guides were absolutely marvelous.

Afternoon work:
  • Madi fixed my bad Kmeans habit
  • I finished running image 7 through all of the programs
  • I started running image 8
  • Most of the sea looks the same by now. There were few interesting blotches in the last few image chips.

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