Monday, August 1, 2016

Day 19 (Aug 1 - CC's In, Madi's Out)

Morning Meeting:
  • Time sheets
  • Outlines tomorrow (meet in the reading room first, slasaritas for lunch, freshman promotional video)
  • Wednsday library research (1 hour)
  • Friday RU Research Symposium
  • Aug 17th: make sure visitors get a parking pass, starts at 9, ends before 12
  • Estimate last week of hours
  • CC reviews her trip
Mr. Messenger:
  • Tomorrow: give RIT +1's a synopsis of what we're doing
  • Create chips for the+1's to try
To Do:
  • Create more sea chips =
  •  compile chips for +1's =
  • continue running programs =
  • maybe ask Di to review how to use his Matlab code
After lunch, CiCi and I headed down to 1255 at John's invitation to play some fun improv games. These included a short-term memory game, a party game where the host had to guess what his/ her guests were, an interview game where the interviewee had to guess what the job was he/ she was applying for, a game like "Whoosh". I got out pretty early into the memory game and it took me a while with the the host game. I knew that John was impersonating a boyfriend or something, one person was a lizard-man, and the last person I thought was a human magnet or glue-girl. Turned out she was Velcro.

CiCi did way better with the memory game. We both ended up leaving a little early because she was meeting a friend for lunch at 1:30. (She only snacked around noon.)

Worked on compiling all saved images into power points in the afternoon. Did not finish this.

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