Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Day 20 (Aug 2 - RIT +1)

I brought Jaqueline to RIT today. I met her through my Photography 2 class back in my sophomore year. She graduated from Brighton a year ago and last I had heard, she had not yet chosen a major. I though imaging science might be interesting to her since she loved math (although MCC calculus was really difficult this year) and she loves photography, both of which are a part of the area. She still doesn't have her driver's license so I drove both of us. (Hey, I'm pretty decent at stick shift. At least I don't stall the car every day anymore.)

Both Jaqueline and I ended up knowing Madi's +1, Molly. I was a counselor in training (CIT) with her two summers ago at Creative Themes kids summer camp in East Rochester. Jaqueline attended the camp for a good six or so summers and had met Molly there as a fellow camper. (I was the only CIT in our 4 week session that had not attended the camp in over eight years. I went there for a couple of summers then my mom found other cool camps for me to attend after my primary school years, such as the WE@RIT program during the summer of my 7th-->8th grade. (Women's Engineering @ RIT.) It was a lot of fun:
  • building and shooting off rockets during lunch
  • building workable stop-lights by sautering stuff to the a mini-motherboard (thing)
  • trying out the HARRIS skateboard assembly line
  • building and running solar-powered cars [I remember accidentally mounting the solar panel backwards on the car. So, instead of the car moving towards a light source, it moved away from it : P.]
  • checking out different inventions being worked on that summer by grad and undergrad students [Hydrogen powered car engine]

(Sorry, rambled)

Morning outline review felt brutal. There were at least twice as many eyes looking at each one. Not to mention Yiqun and Mat from my school came at Zihao's invitation. They were a part of last year's CIS H.S. internship and are two of the smartest engineers in my school (from my point of view). They both are brilliant builders and testers on the Brighton Science Olympiad team. Summary: nerve-wracking hour.

Madi and I then took our friends to see Mr. Messenger to give them a run-down of exactly what we do and why we do it. (Thank you Doc!!!) He also showed all of us some pictures his trip to Oxford and other places in England during his conference over there a month ago. (Bad grammar. My bad.) He had pictures of Stonehenge, Brexit protesters, and Hogwarts (the parts of Oxford used to shoot Harry Potter) while searching for a picture of Oxford-David's $200,000 spectral imaging machine. (Sorry to make our friends sit for another hour of presentation.)

To summarize the day: no work was done. We gave Molly and Jaqueline a taste of ENVI's classifications and the rest of the day was mostly fun stuff. I felt really bad during lunch because Salsarita's didn't have food to fit Jaqueline' s lactose intolerance and nut allergy diet. I had completely forgotton that Jaqueline had developed lactose intolerance her senior year. No one really knows why. She had brought food just in case.

When we got back to the imaging science center, we all played Volleyball, Frisbee, then some Contact. Twice I ended up tracking down the COL (color imaging science) center. I don't remember why the building's acronym is this. and Jaqueline and I ended up trekking accross campus 6 times. (Hey Coach Christina, I got my walking cardio in for the day and am ready to swim.)

So the day was mostly fun stuff and not much serious work : )...

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