Monday, August 15, 2016

Day 28 (Aug 12 - Better Day)

Making flash cards (should have done this before the peer review...)

Editing slide show to fit my needs (there was way too much writing)

Happier by 11:00. Swimming after internship is a great physical stress reliever, but I tend to mentally wander and don't pace correctly and lose track of number of laps. (not good during sets) Then I am physically and mentally incapable to doing much of anything productive once I get home. (This includes packing stuff for the next day... I've been pretty good by 1/2 way through the internship. Then I forgot to bring the double batch of salsa that I made for today's cookout. Damnit!!!)

My mom brought the salsa... Good news: everyone loved it. Better news: I got to make another batch this evening.

 Presentation try 2 was better than try 1. It still needs a lot of work though. Our slides were better presented, but I definitely saw our fellow interns' eyes glaze over by 15 minutes. Dr. Easton was coming down to the auditorium to check out the presentations but we had already finished. He got my email and told me to talk to my advisers if I was interested in continuing work with the center in the future.

Now I have two questions in my heading running on never ending repeat:

What do I want to do for the rest of my life? (job)

Where do I want to go to college to get to that point? (RIT? elsewhere?)

At least Madi and I don't have any videos in our slide. But it's still difficult for me to explain the Spectral Profile graph and the Hyperspectral Cube. not to mention I forgot to properly label the Spectral Profile. Oops. Atleast our presentation is 20 min. instead of 30.

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