Friday, August 5, 2016

Day 22 (Aug 4 - Fast Forward Presents...)

I started my day by correctly predicting to be two minutes late to our morning meeting in order to grab a couple of teas for Madi and I at Starbucks. Our morning meeting pretty much went over the Fast Forward presentations that will be given this afternoon and then the Undergrad Research Symposium tomorrow. I hope John is doing okay with his data and presentation... Dr. Messenger is almost done with the presentation (I know I said this yesterday). Madi and I need to stick in some good blur and divides and ACE/ MF's into our Google presentation to send to the Doc.

Madi plans to bring a friend for tomorrow's symposium. I only plan on going to see one of them at noon and people were kinda supposed to sign up for this event. So I planned with her for her friend to take my name-tag to go see the different talks after I see John's. (I still plan to take the complementary breakfast and lunch.)

I took a second look at all of the processed rules from the MF (Spectral Match Filter) and ACE tools from yesterday. I cleared up the two main splotch areas (more squiggly S's) and still couldn't get the blotted out castle label. Now I really need to get this stuff into Madi and my slide show to send to the Doc.

(look at black ink splotch in the middle of the image and the slight shadowy area below the castle in the upper left) 

(I got something, I don't know what it is though. This is our results most of the time with images of the sea.)

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