Monday, August 8, 2016

Day 24 (Aug 8th - Back to Slaughter Hall/ Bye Bye 21st Century Music/ Presentation Slides started)

  • updating blog
  • We have a Document Restoration professor coming in for a Wednesday talk this week.
  • Morning meeting with Doc. M: going over specifics of slide show: exactly what each general program is:
    • Classification
    • Principal Components Analysis (PCA)
    • Signature Detection
    • Spatial Processing
  • Starting the slide show presentation. Work on the Gough Map is temporarily suspended. If there is extra time, then we will continue with last minute processing. Approximate number of slides established, labeled, and bulleted where possible.
    • I'm realizing that perhaps presenting to a knowledgeable audience would be way easier with Madi and my level of knowledge than with a more general public audience. I had this idea in my head for the longest time that presenting to a general audience would be less terrifying than presenting in front of a knowledgeable audience because I could b.s. my way through something I don't know. Oh that young, ignorant, immature of brain of mine from way back when. (Ok, maybe five years ago -ish. Just a personal reflection here.)
  • Madi was between working and talking/ laughing with Cici. (My point of view)
  • Alice, Maria and I stop by the Physicians Assistant section of Louis Slaughter Hall (more like an adjacent building that can be accessed through Slaughter Hall). I was there during College and Careers for a P.A. panel. Maria brought up how she was interested in maybe going for a P.A. program when I shared a (somewhat) brief synopsis of each of the panels I had attended. I couldn't give her a very good description of the RIT P.A. program, so I thought maybe I could help her track down one of the presenters during C&C and have her give Maria a brief rundown of how to get into RIT's P.A. program. The department is more specific than either of us realized... A lot of shadowing appears to be in order before applying.
  • I continued working on putting more stuff into the slide show. Goal: a rough draft slide show done by Wednesday. Putting some images in now.
  • Maybe work on 2-day College and Careers EXTRA blogs later? (Gotta figure out a better way to transfer phone pictures to a PC...)
Listening to the 60s, 70s, and 80s music for most of the day. What can I say, I like my parents' music. I get a bit tired of 21st century country singers, love songs, and boy bands sometimes.

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