Monday, August 8, 2016

Day 23 (Aug 5 - Hit the Trails Running)

RU Symposium today:
  • Breakfast at the Louis Slaughter building (home base for the simposium). Met up with Emily, Maria, Zihao, Niels and Alice. Eventually met up with Madi and her friend, Hannah, as well as Aaron from the Fast Forward program (and outdoor grill friday).
  • Emily, Maria, Zihao, Niels and Alice went to a 9:15 talk
  • Cici and I got caught at the the beginning of a rain shower while walking back to CIS from the Slaughter Hall. (We interns now have the inside joke that it stands for Louise Slaughter, not a butchery for pigs and cows. Mmmmm, bacon and burgers.
  • Cici, Madi and I plan to see John's talk about "Music Source Identification and the Linear Mixing Model" at 12:00
    • Cici and I made it on time, Madi and her friend were late and were kinda locked out of the presentation : }. Whoops.
  • Excellent lunch presentation by Doctor Susan Spencer, Ph.D, President & CEO, ROCSPOT. I am still suspicious when I think of business and business people. (I have probably seen too much Marvel and other shows/ movies with corrupt businessmen. BOO TRUMP!!! Where has the term "noblesse oblige" gone off to? Come back!!!) To hear and see what she has accomplished and is still working towards really moved me to reconsider RIT as a college to apply to.
  •  Afterward, Niels, Maria and I got stuck with some other people in the Art Gallery (where lunch was being held) by a rain downpour. I had an umbrella with me but it could only hold one person, maybe two.
  • I managed to get Madi and my additional 30 slides to Doc. Messenger before we both had to leave at 2:30. I ended up meeting him in the reading room right before I left for RIT College and Careers.
Summary: not much work was done today due to the Symposium. I managed to take a second look at my MF and ACE results from the other day and put some of the better ones in the slide show to send to the Doc. I also managed to run MF and ACE on another image with little success, I think I did something wrong again. MADI HELP!!!!!!

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