Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Day 26 (Aug 10 - Doc. Restoration)

Most of the day was continuing to revise the power point presentation. So far so good with it. Madi and I should just practice now and look for how the flow feels... and then some.

Wednesday talk was by Dr. Roger L. Easton. Madi and I met him earlier this week through Dr. Messinger. I would say he is a bit difficult to describe. He is very knowledgeable and experienced, outgoing and very pleasant to be around. I think that's its because of people like Mr. Cullen's, Mr. Pow, Dr. Messinger, Dr. Easton and all of the other people who work in the center that I am considering Imaging Science for college. They contribute a lot to society and have fun with what they do. (Most of the time that is. I know through the summer work that that imaging processing can get tedious and repetitive very quickly. But knowing that there is still so much more work to do out in the world with this knowledge is motivation enough and interesting to know about. (Repetitive and improper grammar. Sorry readers.) I look forward to talking with him more tomorrow about his travels. We had to cut him off short when he started to get into his trip in Georgia (not sure on the spelling, it's an ex-Soviet country North of Armenia).

Tomorrow's plans:
  • work in the morning and practice presenting/ visit with Dr. Easton
  • lunch: practice informal presentation of slide show amongst fellow interns
  • Work on revisions after practice presentation
  • Meet with the Doc. early afternoon to run-through presentation
  • Break time @ end of day and sometime before lunch?

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