Monday, August 15, 2016

Day 29 (Aug 15 - Varsity Swimming Starts Today)

Madi was able to work more on the power point over the weekend while I was in Canada. She has a way better idea of how to do presentations than I do.

I finally typed up a suitable script for it and now we just have to practice... a lot. My flashcards for last Friday could not hold enough information and were a pain to look back upon to read.

Now I know that I also have to edit my script. I forgot to put in a section on Classification processes. But Madi and I were able to present in 15 minutes and maintained everyone's attention.

I have to leave early today to swim. yay. Good news: I won't have to run in scorching hot weather. Bad news: I haven't been running all summer, only swimming. As per usual, I will be the snail in the group. (This is why I like academics-based activities, like this internship, better.)

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